Thursday, November 21, 2013

Geoinformatics-2013 GEM Students starting at KSUCTA

New GEM-2013 Students, enrolled in the "Geoinformatics" Master  Programme of KSUCTA, had their first online meeting with Prof. Dr. Josef Strobl, GEM Project Coordinator, on November 20. All 10 new students introduced themselves and shared ideas and motivation why they have selected to study Geoinformatics, and  in which research topics they are interested. They come from KSUCTA, other universities and research institutions for learning advanced GIS and RS technologies as well as for improving their professional and scientific skills.

Prof. Strobl has welcomed them all and expressed his best wishes for successful study in the GEM MSc Programme. Also he has mentioned the importance of personal motivation and hard work of students for the successful completion of Master Programme.