Friday, October 3, 2014

Tempus GE-UZ; 2nd review meeting at Obuda University

Currently, partners of the Tempus GE-UZ project are conducting the second review meeting at Obuda University in Budapest. Partners will discuss inter alia, the following aspects: Quality assurance of learning material and sustainability of project activities.

In March 2014, opening ceremonies of Geoinformatics labs took place at Uzbek partner universities. After the successful accreditation of the "GE-UZ" master’s program on Geoinformatics by the Uzbek Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education a new MSc program on Geoinformatics has been started at TIIM, from 2nd September 2014. In order to achieve high-level teaching, qualified Professors and doctors from Uzbek partner universities have been chosen to teach at this new MSc program in Geoinformatics at TIIM. More information for interested students: