Wednesday, August 26, 2015

gSmart: Final Call for Scholarships: September 14 - October 31, 2015

If you are interested in studying or carry out research in Europe then do not miss out on this opportunity to apply for a scholarship!

  • Bachelor, 1 semester (exclusively Uzbekistan)
  • Master, 2 semesters, starting autumn 2016 (Students who have finished their first degree (diploma) or those who are in the final years of studies - 4th year of studies; Students, researchers doing a Master’s degree and seeking research experience abroad.)
  • PhD, 10-12 months (proof of admission and registration for PhD program at home or host university)
  • PostDoc, 10 months (proof of PhD or equivalent degree)

  • Please be aware, there  is a small chance to get a scholarship as reserve listed applicant! Applicants who had been put to the reserve list can be promoted to the corresponding main list should any candidate of the main list drop out (following the rules and procedure of the EACEA). Candidates to be promoted will be directly contacted by the gSmart Project office.
    • Start of a scholarship not earlier than February, March 2016
    • Last date to finish scholarship: July 14, 2017.  
    • Special Notification: Availability of scholarships Europe to Central Asia, Postdoc and Staff levels!
    You have the possibility to explore what scholars are doing in Europe on their e-portfolios:

    As interested applicant it will be important to take the opportunity to get familiar with the gSmart application criteria and procedures.
    More Information: