Thursday, March 2, 2017

gSmart scholars in Sopron, HU

From February 1, 2017,  the University of West Hungary Faculties of Sopron had been restructured and renamed to University of Sopron.

gSmart scholars are ‘incomings’ in Sopron at the University of Sopron, former UWH. This project partner university is currently hosting 6 Master level students, 2 PhD students, and 1 PostDoc researcher. 3 MSc students have already successfully finished their studies as well as 2 bachelor level exchange students. You will find more information about those scholars on their individual gSmart e-portfolios.

University of Sopron, Faculty of Forestry
Institute of Geomatics, Forest Opening-up and Water Management
Department of Surveying and Remote Sensing
gSmart contact in Hungary: Prof. Andrea Pődör and Prof. Géza Király